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supercritical co2 fluid extraction for rice

supercritical co2 fluid extraction for rice

The supercritical multi-fluid industrial device with zero carbon dioxide emission can directly prepare high-nutrition rice after pre-breaking the rice brown rice layer under the condition of pressure below 22MPa and temperature below 40°C, and kill harmful bacteria and molds. And the eggs to prolong the shelf life and storage losses, with ultrasonic, microwave extraction technology to remove pesticide residues, heavy metals and dust and other impurities in rice brown rice, coloring, flavoring, improve the perception and taste of brown rice, evenly add anti-free Base, anti-aging, anti-aging, and natural bioactive substances that enhance the body's immunity further improve the health care function and added value of rice. Compared with the traditional rice industrial production process, it can avoid more than 25% processing loss rate, which is equivalent to Increase the yield of more than 25% of high-nutrition, water-saving, free-to-cook, quick-cook, fresh-keeping delicious brown rice

supercritical co2 fluid extraction for rice

1. supercritical co2 fluid extraction for rice is a multifunctional device for extraction using supercritical fluid (CO2). The material can be extracted from the raw materials in a batch manner. CO2 can be recycled.

2. Supercritical co2 fluid extraction for rice is mainly composed of three extraction vessels, one extraction column and three separation vessels.

supercritical co2 fluid extraction

3, supercritical co2 fluid extraction for rice extractor maximum working pressure 32MPa maximum working temperature is 80 °C.

4, equipment footprint: 16m * 14m * 10m (according to the user's plant design footprint).

5. The design pressure and working pressure of supercritical co2 fluid extraction for rice follow the relevant design requirements and specifications of national high-pressure vessels and components. The design reference standards for the kettle body are GB150.1~150.4-2011 and GB4732. The entire equipment is equipped with a reliable overvoltage protection system and a safety interlock to ensure the absolute safety of the equipment.

6. The extraction kettle sealing ring is a combination sealing ring, and it is not necessary to replace the sealing ring for long time use. The seal is quite reliable and can be easily opened and closed. The barrel sealing ring can effectively form a seal with the inner wall of the kettle body. Both seals are mounted directly on the plug and the kettle body. They do not swell in high pressure CO2. They do not need to be removed every time the material is replaced. It can be used repeatedly for a long time.

7, pay attention to the intelligent operation of equipment, pressure, temperature and automation of the extraction kettle clamp switch